Yoga for the Lymphatic System with Annette Loudon

Annette Loudon is a world expert in the field of Yoga and breast cancer related lymphoedema. She is currently the most published author worldwide in peer reviewed journals for yoga and breast cancer related lymphoedema and has conducted extensive research in this field combined with decades of practical experience. In this presentation, you will learn how to combine Yoga practice with current evidence-based principles of lymphatic clearing, neuro-plasticity and yoga research to create an effective practice for those who are healthy, have compromised lymphatic systems such as lymphoedema and lipoedema, or who have immune dysfunction.

You will learn-
•    What the purpose of the lymphatic system is and its role in immune function; 
•    How to use Yoga to enhance lymph function for
•    overall health;
•    those with a compromised lymphatic system;
•    those with immune disorders.
•    What the current evidence-base is that supports the effective use of yoga for improved function of the lymphatic system.

Just as many movies portray the eternal battle for supremacy between good and bad, such a struggle also exists in the human body. The amazing lymphatic system is one of the key players that collects, deals with and gets rid of the “baddies” without any conscious effort from us. This extraordinary system picks up any intercellular debris (fats, bacteria, viruses, proteins) and filters it through a network of capillaries, lymph vessels and lymph nodes, with the result that cleansed fluid is returned back to the venous system. It is an integral part of our immune function.

Different to the venous system, the pumping of lymph is partly controlled by slow full breathing and physical movement. This along with the location of lymph vessels in the fascia, makes yoga an ideal practice for enhancing lymph flow whether in a healthy or compromised lymphatic system.

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