Maree Lipschitz


Maree Lipschitz is a speaker, teacher and healer specialising in Women’s Mysteries. She is passionate about helping women and girls navigate with grace and ease through the three major life transitions of women - menarche (puberty), motherhood and menopause.

An Industrial Chemist and Computer Scientist in her early working life, Maree spent 10 years working in corporate organisations in tertiary education, manufacturing and the legal sector. Becoming a mother in 1995 changed her life, and she attributes that event to guiding her to work in and with the Divine Feminine for now almost 20 years.

Maree is a specialist in female rites of passage and she offers Group Mentoring, Webinars, Events, Seminars and Personal Coaching to assist women and girls to discover their purpose, reclaim their power and create a luscious life. Maree facilitates workshops such as 'Let's Talk Growing Up' puberty weekends for 9-12 year old girls and their Mums; 'Pathways into Womanhood' residential programs for 13-15 year old girls and their Mums (through the not-for-profit Pathways Foundation) and ‘The Feminine Pathway through Midlife’ for women 35-55 . She is also a Senior Facilitator of ‘Working Mothers’ Forums’ for corporate working mums for the How Do You Do It organisation.

Maree is currently completing a 3 year program of study in the Divine Feminine. She lives in beautiful Bondi Beach, has been married to Martin for 27 years and is mum to Emily 18 and Elliot 14. She also loves singing, walking along the beach and making fabulous meals out of whatever is left in the fridge.

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