Sound Healing - Remember Who You Are and Celebrate your Sacred Divine Feminine

with Christine Morrison

Christine Morrison is an internationally acclaimed, Musician, Sound Healer, Musical Alchemist, Composer and Teacher who has empowered many people through her music and courses. Her music has been used for relaxation, meditation, recovery from operations, massage, music therapy and in a wide variety of personal and therapeutic settings. 

During Christine’s sound healing workshop, you will be attuned with the strength and gentleness of the Divine Feminine and you will activate your inner strength and power, using the ancient techniques of sound healing.

Singing in Soul Language, Christine will take you on a journey, connecting you with your Soul Essence, enhancing your knowing and bringing more synchronicity into your life.

You will learn to release your Soul Voice with ease, so you can speak your truth with love and feel empowered, inspired and creative.

You will Learn to:
Ground and anchor yourself 
Free your soul voice with ease
Clear energy blockages and disharmony
Be empowered using your own voice
Maintain a high vibrational energy through sound techniques

You will:
Raise your vibrations, transmuting any negativity into pure Divine Love
Shed the old outdated parts of yourself, allowing your brilliance to shine through
Focus on your desires – setting your intent for how you want to feel
Leave feeling clear, focused and peaceful
Discover the Healing Power of Sound
Gain tools to balance, rejuvenate and empower yourself to live a successful, abundant life
Reveal the new and authentic you
Open your heart to new possibilities.

Now is the time to shine your brilliance and celebrate the Divine essence of who you are!

No musical experience needed, only a yearning  to connect with your heart, and to receive peace and love.

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