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Pranayama in a Children's Hospital with Stacey Nelson

Stacey Nelson is one of a few Yoga Therapists working with children in a clinical setting in Australia. She works as a Yoga Therapist at the Child & Adolescent ward at Sunshine Coast University Hospital.
Teaching specific breathing techniques to children who have been hospitalised can greatly reduce procedural anxiety and improve their healing. 

Stacey will present case studies from working in her role as a Yoga Therapist in a children’s hospital ward for the past 7 years. She will highlight key findings, backed by research and endorsed through her own personal experience, about what practices are most therapeutic for children with asthma, encopresis, eating disorders, diabetes, Autism Spectrum Disorder and procedural anxiety.

You will learn:
the key differences for teaching pranayama to children compared to adults
the steps to teach a child how to breath diaphragmatically 
how to make traditional pranayama techniques like Brahmari and Kapalabhati child-friendly 
when to add in breath retention, when to avoid it and how to teach it to children
the three essential things that children with asthma need to learn about breathing
why “belly breathing” doesn’t work for patients with eating disorders
how to incorporate breathing with movement to help children with digestive issues 

Stacey will give you some of her expert tips for the most effective teaching methods. She will share some of the challenges that she has encountered teaching yoga in a clinical environment and working alongside medical professionals. You will feel inspired to join her in a mission to have a Yoga Therapist in every hospital ward.

Her presentation will give you a clear understanding of the importance of using props to engage children and why they are necessary to explain breathing concepts. You will have the opportunity to enjoy some child-like, hands on experience.

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