Yoga Therapy: Perspectives on Rehabilitation with Trish David

Trish David is an experienced Yoga therapist/ teacher, educator and counsellor. She works as a volunteer at the Cancer Council as C-Vivor group leader, in schools delivering Yoga and mindfulness to staff and students and as a Lifeline Crisis support worker. In this presentation, Trish will explore rehabilitation through three client case studies – stroke, cancer and mental illness. You will learn how to improve outcomes for your clients, the importance of effective history-taking and how to address obstacles to rehabilitation.

Hearing directly from clients about their lives is vital to effective, compassionate and sound practice. This presentation seeks to explore the lived experiences of a small selection of clients dealing respectively with stroke, cancer and mental illness, from the 'insider perspective'. By examining clients’ personal narratives we come to understand how disability, illness and isolation may be just one influence - sometimes significant, sometimes minor, but always fluid - in shaping the direction and quality of their lives. Our therapeutic relationships with a range of clients, fosters our own fresh perspectives of understanding individual challenges and strengths.

Through this presentation which will combine theory and practice, conference participants will learn about:
What rehabilitation means
Who is this individual we’re working with
Why the attributes and skills of Yoga Therapists influence clients’ ‘story telling’
When to ask questions and when not to
How Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras provide a foundation for addressing the obstacles to rehabilitation

The potential application and improved outcomes that result from using clients'  experiences to inform our work, along with intra and inter-professional collaboration, also supports our professional identities as Yoga Therapists.

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