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5 Ways you can Invite the Divine Feminine into your life

Trina Bawden-Smith - Friday, July 29, 2016
Women can compete with men in so many arenas today but we are finding that living in such a masculine way doesn’t totally fulfil us or replenish our feminine bodies and souls. So what can we do to balance our hectic, right-brain, masculinised, achieving lives?

We can honour the Divine Feminine. Honouring the Divine Feminine means including and valuing the feminine as a fundamental dynamic of the creative life force and the Divine. This force, or She, is rising again in our culture, after having been subdued and ostracised by more than 5000 years of patriarchy. Women are hearing Her whispers internally within themselves, and externally in the world, as more and more of us are turning to Her for support and guidance.

Divine Feminine speaker, Maree Lipschitz, has a wealth of experience in working with women through the transitions of menarche (puberty), motherhood and menopause. She assists women and girls to discover their purpose, reclaim their power and create a luscious life. She is also a highly experienced facilitator and engaging and inspiring speaker.

Here Maree shares FIVE tips for how you can bring the Divine Feminine into your life.

1) Allow Mother Earth to soothe you – spend time in nature and allow Her beautiful earth, water and air to feed your soul. Walk on a beach, in a forest, swim in the ocean or a lake, sit under a tree in a park, go barefoot on the grass to ground and centre yourself. (Remember Julia Roberts asked Richard Gere to do that in ‘Pretty Woman.’)

2) Treat your body as Hers – we are each incarnations of the Divine Feminine, so be as respectful of your body as you would of Hers. Bathe yourself in beautiful oils, cream your skin gently, whisper soothing, loving compliments to your body parts as you do your daily bathing rituals.

3) Participate in Her creative gifts regularly – dancing, painting, drawing, sewing, singing, writing to name a few– enjoy whatever your particular creative pursuit is. You don’t have to be good at it – just enjoy it and feel Her life force running though you when you spend time doing it.

4) Track your Moon Cycle /Hormonal Cycle – the very essence of being a woman is reflected in our hormonal/menstrual cycle and affects our sensuality and our sexuality. Knowing every day where you are in your cycle and how the level of hormones affects your mood and your thinking patterns will keep you deeply connected to your feminine essence and nourish and replenish you.

5) Talk to Her every day – light a candle each morning and ask for Her guidance that day.

It is vital for us as women to understand how and where the Divine Feminine exists and comes into our life – so use these tips to nurture Her and invite Her in!

Women, join us at Divine Feminine! In her presentation, Maree will offer you a tool kit of 27 practical strategies that you can use to bring the Divine Feminine into your life so you can create a more luscious life!

You will learn how modern women have a highly developed masculine side and why it doesn’t serve us well or fill us up as women today, how to overcome our inner bitch critic so that we are open to and available to the Feminine, and the change in values that we go through as we grow older and how these values differ to men and what we can do to bridge the gap.

Divine Feminine is a pioneering event that offers women the tools and resources to bring greater health, creativity and fulfillment into their lives through a deeper understanding of the ancient mysteries of womanhood.