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Congratulations to our new Yoga therapy graduates!

Trina Bawden-Smith - Sunday, November 10, 2013
Today is an exciting day for the students and teachers of the Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy in Sydney! Our March students complete their nine months of study today.
This what one of our new graduates said about the course, "The teaching on the course really is exceptional. The teachers have a way of creating a really welcoming space which makes it easy to learn. I have experienced an overall deepening of my love for yoga and the development of skills to work confidently in a therapy environment." Suzanne Ellis.
Debbie Belnick shares, "The reason I really loved the course is that it's experiential. It asks one to think, reflect and apply one's understanding. I really appreciate having a structure in which to do that."
Check out a happy snap of the group here on our Facebook page.