Wooing the Divine Feminine: How to Coax Her into Your Everyday Life

with Maree Lipschitz

The Divine Feminine is rising again in our culture, after having been subdued and ostracised by more than 5000 years of patriarchy.   Women are hearing Her whispers internally within themselves, and externally in the world, as more and more of us are turning to find Her for support and guidance. 

You will learn - 

1) How we as modern women have a highly developed masculine side and why it doesn’t serve us well or fill us up as women today
2) How to overcome our inner bitch critic so that we are open to and available to the Feminine
3) The change in values that we go through as we grow older and how these values differ to men and what we can do to bridge the gap
4) Twenty-seven practical strategies that we can use every day to invite the Divine Feminine into our life

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