Emily Simpson


Emily Simpson is a Veriditas-certified labyrinth facilitator and previous Board member who built a sandstone labyrinth in Centennial Park.  

In 2009, she walked her first labyrinth in San Francisco and fell in love with it. Frustrated by the absence of labyrinths in Sydney, she submitted a proposal to the Centennial Parklands Board of Trustees. They approved it and she subsequently raised the $500,000 needed to build what would become Sydney and Australia’s first major public labyrinth. It was opened by Dame Marie Bashir in 2014. Group walks are held at the labyrinth on the first Sunday of every month.

Emily is an Australian entrepreneur. During her pregnancy, she went looking for a black lace bra and was horrified by the "sexless scaffolding" that was on offer, so she started Full Bloom in 1995 to provide "Beautiful underwear for women at their most beautiful". This later evolved into Bodywise, which promoted a dynamic self-acceptance, celebrating women of all shapes and sizes. She won several awards for her innovative marketing approach and sold the business in 2006. Emily has since self-published two books of poetry.

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