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Divine Feminine 2016

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Timeless Wisdom for the Modern Woman

This event is now over. If you are interested in the next Divine Feminine, please contact us so we can keep you informed! Thank you 
Dear Women,

You are invited to share in a very special event experience - Divine Feminine.

Divine Feminine is a pioneering event that offers women the tools and resources to bring greater health, creativity and fulfillment into their lives through a deeper understanding of the ancient mysteries of womanhood.

Our star-studded line-up includes, Dr. Christine Page, pioneer in women's health, inspirational speaker and gifted intuitive; Denise Cook, intimacy expertSal Flynn, Mindfulness expert; Maree Lipschitz, specialist in Women's Mysteries; Sally Swain, creativity coach, art therapist and international artist, plus more Divine speakers!

Date: 10 - 11 September 2016
Venue: Novotel Sydney Central
Cost: $396
Limited one day tickets are available.
Limited 1/2 day tickets are available.

When you come to Divine Feminine YOU will

• Learn mindfulness practices for the modern woman so you can experience greater equanimity, wisdom and compassion, with Sal Flynn, mindfulness expert and gifted Yoga therapy educator, 

 Learn how to create more intimacy in relationships  so you can have deep, respectful, intimate connections with yourself and others, with Denise Cook, personal growth counsellor, therapist, educator, workshop facilitator and intimacy expert,

• Take away a toolkit of 27 practical strategies to bring the Divine Feminine into your life so you can create a more luscious life and learn how to overcome our inner bitch/critic with Maree Lipschitz, Women's Mysteries specialist,

Walk a Chartres labyrinth, experience a walking meditation, that leads to healing, self-knowledge, peace and purpose, with Emily Simpson, who built the Centennial Park labyrinth,

• Experience the healing power of sound, with Christine Morrison, internationally acclaimed, musician, sound healer, musical alchemist, composer and teacher,

Access your creativity and tap the wisdom of joy, with Sally Swain, Creativity Coach, art therapist and international artist

Discover a new approach to sensuality and love making and find out how sex can bring you healing and inspiration, with Dr. Christine Page, women’s health pioneer, mystical physician, gifted intuitive and international speaker

Embrace wholeness by integrating the Dark Feminine, with Shushann Movsessian, psychotherapist, women's psychology and spirituality teacher and author of international best-seller, Puberty Girl,

Discover how women became separated, how to heal the wounds between women so we can ensure peace and prosperity for future generations, with Dr. Christine Page, women’s health pioneer, mystical physician, gifted intuitive and international speaker

Divine Feminine Speakers – Inspired Women

Divine Feminine brings together some of the leading teachers and speakers from the great traditions of Yoga and Mindfulness. Therapists from the field of psychology, specialising in intimacy, relationships, sexual healing, women’s health and art therapy. Specialists in change, transformation. self-discovery and self-empowerment. Healers, authors, performers. Read more about the teachers and speakers....

Who Should Attend?

Divine Feminine is for all women who want to bring deeper meaning, authenticity and pleasure  into their lives. 

Date: 10 - 11 September 2016
Venue: Novotel Sydney Central
Cost: $396
Limited one day tickets are available.
Limited 1/2 day tickets are available.

Event Program

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Event Information for Attendees

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Together we can move mountains - befriending and tending with Dr. Christine Page

Christine Page MD is a pioneer in women’s health dedicated to ‘getting to the heart of healing. For over 30 years she has encouraged women to find wellbeing through self-love, embodiment of their innate feminine powers, gratitude for their sacred body and intuitive listening. Women are rising up to be seen, heard and appreciated for their innate leadership gifts of creativity, compassion and transformation. Our busy lives often leave little time for eye to eye contact or heart-centered conversations, leaving many socially isolated. We may seek out similarly inspired women, recognising our strength is not in individuality but in finding commonality. While the masculine is programmed to fight or withdraw under stress, the feminine strives to tend and befriend. In this presentation, you will learn how women became separated, how to heal our wounds and how to empower not only ourselves but all women we meet, so we can finally ensure peace and prosperity for future generations of children.

Mindfulness Practices for the Modern Woman with Sal Flynn

Sal Flynn is a Mindfulness expert, Yoga therapist, psychotherapist and educator. Underpinning her work is 30 years of practice and study in the eastern traditions, along with education and internships in Western psychotherapy and Yoga therapies. Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present in the here and now, enabling us to access a source of energy that is available to us all. In this workshop Sal will share simple practices that help you look inside and self-regulate. With a little practice you can bring together the body's inbuilt technology to fine-tune the body and mind so you can tip the scale in the direction of greater equanimity, wisdom and self-compassion. You will experiment with five specific mindfulness techniques and learn how your senses can become valuable tools for retraining the nervous system to become more resilient so you can bring greater equanimity, wisdom and self-compassion into your life.

Intimacy in Relationships with Denise Cook 

Denise Cook is a highly experienced, personal growth counsellor, therapist, educator, consultant, workshop facilitator and intimacy expert.  In her presentation, you will explore intimate communication and the value this brings to relationship. You will learn practical tools that will assist you to create deep, respectful and real connections with yourself and others. You will practice using these techniques so you can confidently take these tools into your relationships with family, friends, work mates and lovers.

Wooing the Divine Feminine: How to Coax Her into Your Everyday Life with Maree Lipschitz

Maree Lipschitz is a speaker, teacher and healer specialising in Women’s Mysteries. She is passionate about helping women navigate the three major life transitions of women - menarche, motherhood and menopause. Maree is a specialist in female rites of passage and she assists women and girls to discover their purpose, reclaim their power and create a luscious life. In this presentation, you will learn how modern women have a highly developed masculine side and why it doesn’t serve us well or fill us up, how to overcome our inner bitch/critic so that we are open to the Feminine, and 27 practical strategies that we can use every day to invite the Divine Feminine into our life

The Labyrinth: Path of Peace and Integration  with Emily Simpson

Emily Simpson is a Veriditas-certified labyrinth facilitator who facilitated the building of a sandstone labyrinth in Centennial Park, Australia’s first, major public labyrinth. The labyrinth is an ancient and universal symbol that allows us to reconnect with the Divine Feminine which dwells within. During Emily’s presentation, you will experience the effect of a labyrinth by walking a canvas Chartres labyrinth and find out how it helps us to restore balance by integrating the Divine Masculine and Feminine principles.

Sound Healing - Remember Who You Are and Celebrate your Sacred Divine Feminine with Christine Morrison 

Christine Morrison is an internationally acclaimed, Musician, Sound Healer, Musical Alchemist, Composer and Teacher who has empowered many people through her music and courses.
Christine will take you on a journey, connecting you with your Soul Essence, enhancing your knowing and bringing more synchronicity into your life.

You will Learn to ground and anchor yourself, free your soul voice, clear energy blockages, and be empowered using your own voice. You will focus on your desires – setting your intent for how you want to feel, leave feeling clear, focused and peaceful, discover the Healing Power of Sound, gain tools to balance, rejuvenate and empower yourself to live a successful, abundant life and open your heart to new possibilities.

The Kiss of Kali – The Transformative Power of the Dark Feminine with Shushann Movsessian

Shushann Movsessian is a seasoned psychotherapist, relationship counsellor, soul life coach and teacher of women’s psychology and spirituality. The Dark Feminine helps us bring to light those parts of us that are in shadow and that we need to integrate so we can live out the power and potential of our wholeness.
The dark feminine teaches us about fiercely speaking our truth, finding our inner authority, strengthening our boundaries, embracing the cycle of life and embracing the deep nourishing energies of the dark. You will experience a guided exercise that takes us on a journey of connection with the dark goddess in our own empowerment and creative expression.

Creative Wellspring (Creating Wellness in Spring) with Sally Swain

Sally Swain is an Australian artist, international best-selling author and illustrator and Sydney's original Creativity Coach. She also has a passion for coaching and in particular, for helping others connect with their own creativity. ‘You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have’, said the late Maya Angelou.
She would know. Maya Angelou danced, sang, acted and composed, as well as writing more than thirty books.

What is your source of joy? What does it consist of? What are its textures and colours? Where does it live in your heart, mind, spirit, body? Let’s take a peek at moments of power, peace or contentment in your life. Let’s tap the springs, streams, rivers of creativity and well-being that flow within us all, but sometimes seem out of reach. We have an opportunity to sit with and explore our moments of sustenance and to play with crayons, markers and glitter to create a small, easy picture. You don’t need to believe you are ‘any good at art’ in order to find satisfaction and meaning in this process. We can then reflect on our journey of art-play, temporarily pooling our creations to make a group art installation – our very own community creative wellspring.

What’s love got to do with it: Sex and Relationships with Dr. Christine Page

Christine Page MD is a pioneer in women’s health dedicated to ‘getting to the heart of healing. For over 30 years she has encouraged women to find wellbeing through self-love, embodiment of their innate feminine powers, gratitude for their sacred body and intuitive listening.

In this presentation, Christine will offer you new ideas about the role of sensuality and love making so you can feel more creative, empowered and connected. Learn how to feel magnetically ‘lit up’ with creative energy, to let go of shame around sensual power and pleasure, and find out how sex can bring healing and inspiration to both women and men.

Mistress of Ceremonies Sharon Longridge

An award-winning broadcaster formerly with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sharon Longridge is passionate about building flourishing workplaces. 

With two decades in the media and communications industry, she has designed cross media strategies for some of Australia’s leading brands. Over the last fifteen years she has coached hundreds of media professionals and business people in advanced communications and mindfulness and has a reputation for enlivening the training space.

Date: 10 - 11 September 2016
Venue: Novotel Sydney Central
Cost: $396
Time: 9am - 5pm