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Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy Brisbane

Presented by: Enlightened Events - Leaders in Yoga Therapy Education. Learn from World class teachers.

The 2020 course is filling fast and is almost half full.
We are looking for Yoga teachers who truly care
and are driven to making a difference by connecting deeply with their students to facilitate healing that is empowering, enduring and life transforming.

You know how students come to you with health problems like back pain, cancer, anxiety, depression, injuries and sometimes you're not sure how to teach them safely and effectively? If you undertake our acclaimed Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy, you will learn a framework that you can apply to everyone AND you will gain a full tool kit of Yoga practices that allow you teach anyone no matter what health problems they have.

Enrolments are now open. Start today. Please contact us to find out more.

Join us on this unique journey studying the ancient healing wisdom of yoga therapy.

Enrol in the Graduate Certificate of Yoga Therapy and

  • You will develop a deep connection with your Yoga students and be able to use Yoga to help them heal in a more individualised way
  • Your training with be hands on, practical and experiential
  • You will learn from some of Australia’s leading Yoga therapy educators, Sal Flynn, Trish David, Louise Godfrey and Liz Williams.
  • You will learn how yoga can be used as therapy, using sound scientific and yogic principles
  • You will gain more confidence so you can work with anyone, no matter what health conditions they have
  • You will be one of only 20 students and you will receive personalised attention within a small group setting
  • After completing this qualification, you will join the ranks of the small but growing number of highly qualified Yoga therapists in Australia and be at the leading edge of this emerging profession

Enlightened Events has conducted the Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy since 2012, making this one of the longest running yoga therapy trainings in Australia. During this time we have trained over 200 Yoga therapists through this highly acclaimed training program. In 2020 the course will be delivered for the 20th time.

Undertake the Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy and YOU will learn –  Therapeutic approaches to - 
• anxiety and depression, addictions and trauma
• cancer
• nervous system disorders, such as, multiple sclerosis 
• bone diseases, such as, osteoporosis
• digestive issues, such as, IBS, colitis
• women’s health
• metabolic disorders, such as, diabetes, obesity 
• reproductive and urinary disorders, such as, menopause, PCOS
• auto-immune diseases, such as, rheumatoid arthritis, Chronic Fatigue 
• lower back problems
• ankle and foot problems
• shoulder, elbow and wrist problems
• hip and knee joints, including hip replacements
• and many, many more health conditions

“The teaching on the course really is exceptional. I have developed the skills to work confidently in a therapy environment.” Suzanne Ellis, Yoga teacher, NSW

You will learn to use the following therapeutically -  
• asana
• pranayama
• mantra
• relaxation
• meditation
• yogic nutrition
• mudras
• kriyas

“I have immersed myself in a deeper understanding of yoga and its wide spread benefits. I have the knowledge to confidently treat people with a variety of presenting needs. The teachers offer a high level of wisdom and experience and the course gives an opportunity to share and learn from your peers and their traditions.” Tracey Whiting, Yoga teacher, NSW

Act now to secure your place! These courses are popular and will fill quickly! 

The teachers on the Brisbane course are Sal Flynn, Trish David, Liz Williams and Louise Godfrey. 

To find out more about the teachers, click here. 

"I looked at a number of Yoga Therapy courses on offer and am completely happy with my decision to go with Enlightened Events. The faculty is excellent - such knowledgeable and experienced practitioners. They ensure that the students are fully equipped to practice as Yoga Therapist’s by the end of the course. It is professionally run and the standards are high. They take their work to produce highly qualified practitioners seriously and endeavour to lift the standing of this health modality in Australia." Sue Broderick, NSW  

If you would like to find out more about the course, please contact us.

Enrolments are now open. Please apply soon to avoid disappointment!

The GCYT is also offered in Sydney and the Gold Coast! 

Please click here for information about undertaking the GCYT in Sydney.
Please click here for information about undertaking the GCYT in the Gold Coast.
Please click here for information about undertaking the GCYT in Melbourne.