Intimacy in Relationships

with Denise Cook

Denise Cook is a highly experienced, personal growth counsellor, therapist, educator, consultant and workshop facilitator. She has been conducting workshops on intimacy and communication in Australia and internationally for over 20 years.  In her presentation you will explore and learn about intimate communication and the value this brings to relationship. Often we get confused about what intimacy actually is and often we equate intimacy with sex. 

We will use communication to explore opening our hearts and deepening the intimate connection we have with our souls as women. 

Using a series of experiential processes you will practice:
connecting deeply with yourself and other women 
introducing yourself in a new way
sharing with more integrity than ever before
celebrating your truth and uniqueness without guilt
connecting more vulnerably than you ever thought was possible 
taking these tools with you into any relationship you choose

We all long for a deep, respectful and real connection with others as well as with ourselves. It’s not difficult to create this in your life if you are willing to risk a little, initial discomfort while you learn to develop a new way of communicating. You will leave feeling enthusiastic and confident to take these tools into your relationships with family, friends, work mates and lovers.

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