The Kiss of Kali - The Transformative Power of the Dark Feminine

with Shushann Movsessian

Shushann Movsessian is a seasoned psychotherapist, relationship counsellor, soul life coach and teacher of women’s psychology and spirituality. The Dark Feminine helps us bring to light those parts of us that are in shadow and that we need to integrate so we can live out the power and potential of our wholeness.

In this presentation you will learn about the power of the dark feminine globally and as a lived experience in feminine consciousness, identify limiting beliefs and inner judgements that we may want to release as women stepping into our inner authority and creative expression, identify practices that honour the dark feminine and you will experience a guided exercise that takes us on a journey of connection with the dark goddess in our own empowerment and creative expression.

The dark feminine is radiant, she is the dark comfort of the womb, she is generative, fecund, passionate, fierce, just and full of life. In Indo European language the root of the word black means gleaming. The Dark Feminine invites us to live out our gleaming wholeness where death is embraced as a necessary passage in the transformation of life. She calls us to live out the fullness of our nature in the constant cycling of life.

Kali is the Dark Goddess not just in Hindu mythology but as an archetype of mother in the world. She is the awakening of the evolution of feminine consciousness happening around the planet today. The name of Kali means black one and force of time, she is therefore called the Goddess of Time, Change, Power, Creation, Preservation, and Destruction. Kali helps us transform and be free of those fears and ‘inner demons’ that limit our full potential. Transformation requires nothing more than having a shift in perception, releasing things that block or limit our growth. At its core, our soul journey requires us to see ourselves though the eyes of the Divine – the light aspects as well as the dark. The Divine has no way of existing except through us. We are the eyes, ears, hands, mouth of the divine feminine. We are the carriers of compassion, love and transformation. The choices we make are expressions of these in the world.

Kali’s gift is freedom to realise the fullness of our being and the fullness of our potential. Opening to the power of the dark feminine allows us to look at our lives in a way that empowers us rather than disempowers us. She wakes us up to those disavowed aspects of ourselves that many of us tend to push down and don’t identify with or can more readily see in others. They can have negative qualities – like untrustworthiness, resentment, jealousy, judgement and dishonesty. They can also be positive aspects like not identifying as a leader, or as being strong, assertive or as generous. The Dark Feminine helps us bring to light those parts of us that are in shadow and that we need to integrate to live out the power and potential of our wholeness. There is no greater love than the one that allows us to shine a light on the aspects of ourselves that we have judged and made wrong and have kept in the dark.

The dark feminine teaches us about:
• Fiercely speaking our truth
• Finding our inner authority
• Dropping over accommodating
• Honouring our existence as an expression of the Divine the light and dark aspects
• Strengthening our boundaries
• Embracing the cycle of life with its constant succession of endings and beginnings
• Embracing the deep nourishing energies of the dark

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