The Labyrinth: Path of Peace and Integration 

with Emily Simpson

Emily Simpson is a Veriditas-certified labyrinth facilitator who facilitated the building of a sandstone labyrinth in Centennial Park, Australia’s first, major public labyrinth. There are labyrinths all over the world, some of which are 5000 years old. This ancient and universal symbol allows us to reconnect with the Divine Feminine which dwells within. Its long, slow meandering path is a counterbalance to the busy, linear western mind. Emily will discuss the history of the labyrinth, its mystery and why it works as a spiritual practice. 

Emily will talk about the history of the labyrinth and the mystery around how and why it works as a spiritual practice. You'll hear about the many ways they are being incorporated into modern life, from an embodied path of prayer to an effective therapeutic tool. Emily will explain why the labyrinth is such a compelling metaphor for our times and how it helps us to restore balance by integrating the Divine Masculine and Feminine principles.

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