Yoga Therapy for the elderly: How the older body is different with Liz Williams

Liz Williams is a highly experienced health educator who has specialised in the Aged Care, orthogeriatics, rehabilitation, fall prevention, mental health (aged care), and acute adult pain. Liz has a Masters of Clinical Science in Aged Care and Healthy Ageing. In this presentation, you will learn about the impact of primary and secondary ageing changes on Yoga practice, modification, precautions and, how to avoid common Yoga injuries in your older clients.  

More and more older people are being prescribed yoga as a ‘cure all’. In recent times ‘Yoga for Seniors’ has become a growth area. Yoga therapists/teachers may not have sufficient knowledge of the special precautions necessary for older yoga students. We all know that changes occur as we age, but as a yoga therapist, you need a good understanding of the extent of these changes and how these changes will impact on you being able to deliver safe and effective yoga practice for the older student. 

The older person may be undergoing more advanced surgical techniques and medical interventions and then expecting to return to their previous lifestyle. This has resulted in older people who have never done yoga, starting a yoga practice. In other instances, older people who have practiced Yoga for many years, need to be aware they also need to modify their yoga practice to accommodate changes and to avoid some of the most common age-induced yoga injuries. 

You will learn -
• Primary ageing changes (the changes we will all have as we age) and their impact on a yoga practice. 
• Secondary ageing changes (the exacerbation of Primary Ageing Changes due to illness, disease, injury) and how these compound the modifications and precautions for a safe yoga practice. 
• The most common injuries in the older person practicing yoga and suggestions for avoiding these injuries. 
• Some facts about ageing and the most common injuries. 

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