Together we can move mountains - befriending and tending

with Dr. Christine Page

Christine Page MD is a pioneer in women’s health dedicated to ‘getting to the heart of healing. For over 30 years she has encouraged women to find wellbeing through self-love, embodiment of their innate feminine powers, gratitude for their sacred body and intuitive listening.

All around the planet individual women are rising up to be seen, heard and appreciated for their innate leadership gifts of creativity, compassion and transformation. However, our busy lives often leave little time for eye to eye contact or heart-centered conversations, leaving many women socially isolated. Without necessarily knowing why, we may find ourselves seeking communities of similarly inspired women, recognising our strength is not in individuality but in finding commonality - a force which has ensured the continuation of families, cultures and tribes for thousands of years. While the masculine is programmed to fight or withdraw in times of stress, the feminine strives to tend and befriend.  

For this strength to fully manifest, we must learn to trust each other again at the deepest level. We need to heal the wounds of the past 3500 years, during which time women have been pitted against women for the sake of their survival as well as that of their children. Such trust is born from our compassionate hearts, our feeling wombs and from the eternal wisdom and power which runs beneath the feet of all women - dragon energy. 

Come and learn 
how we became separated, 
how to heal our wounds and 
how to empower not only ourselves but all women we meet, 
so we can finally ensure peace and prosperity for future generations of children.

Women become stronger and more confident as individuals when they take time to connect, share stories and offer true compassion to each other. It’s good to take time out of our busy lives, at least once a week, to talk with a girlfriend face to face, switching off mobile phones so there are no distractions.
When someone shares their story, it’s not uncommon for our masculine self to listen with its intellect, seeking a solution to what is perceived as a problem to be ‘fixed’ or solved. Our feminine self is more comfortable being open and receptive. 
She has different responses 
Sympathy; a thoughtful offering hopefully without patronisation. 

Empathy; a feeling offering; ‘I sense what you’re going through.’ Care should however be taken not to ‘steal’ the story by telling one’s own story or by shutting down the sharing because of the listener’s sensitivity. 

Compassion: To ‘sit with another’s feelings.’ We can only achieve this when we’re in tune with our own feelings especially those stored in the womb. When we feel helpless to our own feelings we can’t be compassionate to another person. When we are in touch with our feelings, we can say: ‘I know your story and feelings because I’ve felt the same.’ Then there is no need to talk but hold the space for true listening without judgment. 

The parts of us which have the deepest feelings are those we hide from others through shame. Taking time to meet the parts of the self which we’ve rejected or abandoned because of their overwhelming feelings and bringing those parts to the heart heals the wounds of all women. 

Thousands of years ago, women were confident in their specific roles in egalitarian societies and supported each other, often living in communities with their children. However, with the arrival of the patriarchy, the man of the family was given power over who was the favoured wife and hence women started to compete with each other not only for their survival but also for that of their children. Today, women are still competing with each other, often using underhand emotional tactics, leading to many not trusting other women. But most of this behaviour comes from wounding which goes back through many generations. For women to heal, it’s important to understand our deeper wounds, sense the feelings and move together towards more healthy, honest and compassionate relationships. 

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