What’s love got to do with it: Sex and relationships

with Dr. Christine Page

Christine Page MD is a pioneer in women’s health dedicated to ‘getting to the heart of healing. For over 30 years she has encouraged women to find wellbeing through self-love, embodiment of their innate feminine powers, gratitude for their sacred body and intuitive listening.

Even though it’s a simple, little word, sex is linked to a complex range of emotions and beliefs, many of which do not equate to ‘making love.’ If we base our opinions on movies or TV, sex appears as an aperitif to a romantic dinner or as a natural conclusion to a chance meeting at a bar or dance, without any emotional consequences.  The act of sex satisfies a need and then we can move on. 

But in truth it’s not that easy. Sometimes we say we just want sex when we really want relationship and to be loved. Such a lack of honest communication – intercourse - has caused many to feel disrespected and abused. 

Sexuality has also become confused with sensuality, a natural sensation which allows us to feel magnetically ‘lit up’ with creative energy. Every woman carries ancestral shame around sensual power and pleasure, possibly leading to 25% of women never having had an orgasm.

In this presentation, Christine will offer new ideas about the role of sensuality and love making so you can feel more creative, empowered and connected to all that we are in this life. 

In essence, sex is the unification of two different forces to bring healing, inspiration and empowerment to both. Men are more dependent on a woman to connect with their spiritual potential, as the creative energy naturally flows in women due to her cycles. Once agreed that sex is required for healing not just as a quick fix, both parties need to feel safe and respected, willing to lower their defences and become vulnerable. As women are the prime movers during love making, we first need to learn self-respect ourselves and our bodies, seeing our womb as a sacred temple to be entered only with honour.
In sacred sexuality, it’s the woman who sets the rhythm for the sexual process, with the man surrendering to her rhythm. Training the powerful muscles of a woman’s pelvis, helps her feel confident to take control. 
Women’s core energy is magnetic causing her to thrive through connection and collaboration. This core energy comes from deep within the Earth, and is enhanced when women can safely root themselves into Mother Earth. The energy then moves and expands through the body, creating a serpentine ladder, through sensual touch which is specific for each woman. The more ‘lit up’ a woman’s magnetic field, the greater benefit she can offer to her partner. It’s therefore important for women to know what turns them on and not feel any shame from sensual pleasure.   
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