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Enlightened Events regularly calls on other specialists and experts in their field to contribute their knowledge to our resources. Here are some other resources from contributors such as Caroline Robertson, Wendy Batchelor, Andrew Wells and Diane Riley to name a few...

BRW_Stretching the CEO by Jessica Gardner Jessica Gardner from Business Review Weekly interviews some top CEO's on how Yoga benefits them

Interview with Eve Grzybowski by Tasmin Angus-Leppan Australian Yoga Journal Australian Yoga Journal interviews Eve Grzybowski about her journey with Yoga

Brahmi Bacopa monniera by Caroline Robertson Caroline Robertson and Rama Prasad outline the medicinal properties of the herb Brahmi, which is extensively used in Ayurveda and tooted as a brain booster

Tantra and Pleasure by Diane Riley Tantra and sacred sexuality expert, Diane Riley, reveals how being present can enhance pleasure during lovemaking

Essential Oils with Farida Irani Farida Irani describes the roles of essential oils and how they can help the mind, body, skin and emotions.

Sex, Spirituality and Ayurveda by Caroline Robertson Caroline Robertson shares the insights of Ayurveda into the relationship between sex, health and enlightenment

Blissful Body Therapies - Ayurveda natural healing by Carolline Robertson Ayurvedic practitioner and Naturopathic Doctor, Caroline Robertson, describes some Ayurvedic body work therapies and their benefits.

Diane Riley and husband, Kerry, speak on Tantra and heart-centred connection Tantra and sacred sexuality expert, Diane and Kerry Riley, explain what tantra really is and how couples can keep passion alive in their relationships

Don't Worry Be Happy Article by Eva Norlyk Smith Eva Norlyk Smith interviews Amy Weintraub, Yoga and depression expert, on how Yoga can combat depression

Interview with Swami Jasrajpuri Enlightened Events interviews Swami Jasrajpuri on his life in India, his daily Yoga practice and his relationship with his guru, Swami Maheshwarananda, Founder of Yoga in Daily Life

Intimacy in Relationship by Denise Cook Intimacy expert, Denise Cook, explains what intimacy is all about and how to have more intimacy in your life

Message from Great Mother by Wendy Batchelor Wendy Batchelor encourages us to listen deeply to the messages we receive from Mother Nature

Relaxation Audio by Trina Bawden-Smith Enjoy this unique deep relaxation, which uses vibration to deepen your relaxation experience

Review of AYTC2011 by Cari Havican Yoga therapist, Cari Havican, reviews the inaugural Australian Yoga Therapy Conference in June 2011. She gives an overview of all the speakers and their presentations.

Sexual Intimacies by Diane Riley Discover how to enhance sexual intimacy for a more fulfilling love life

Stages of Yoga by Eve Grzybowski Acclaimed yoga teacher, Eve Grzybowski, describes which yoga practices are suitable for different stages of life and different ages

The Future of Yoga and Ayurveda in Australia - Part II In part 2 of the Future of Yoga, we interview more senior yoga teachers, including Eileen Hall, Pixie Lillas, Swami Kriyatma

The Future of Yoga and Ayurveda in Australia - Part III In part 3 of the Future of Yoga, we interview Satyaprem Gibson. She is involved with the IYTA and Yoga in Daily Life and is a Dru Yoga teacher

The Healing Power of the Frame Drum by Jane Elworthy Jane Elworthy is one of Australia's top frame drummers. In this article she describes how drumming can be used in the healing process

The Sexual Energy Elixir by Caroline Robertson Caroline Robertson reveals research that indicates that satisfying sex can heal the mind and body

The Spirit of Things ABC Radio Yoga and Ayurveda with Shakta Kaur, Philip Stevens and Dr. Ram Kumar Rachel Kohn interviews Shakta Kaur, kundalini yoga teacher, Philip Stevens, neurophysiologist, yoga teacher and sleep scientist and Ayurvedic doctor, Ram Kumar

What is the difference between Yoga Therapy and Therapeutic Yoga with Janet Lowndes Janet Lowndes speaks about Yoga therapy and what it means to her. She also talks about the work she does with clients who have eating disorders

Women's Health interview with Dr Claudia Welch Dr. Claudia Welch is a medical doctor and specialist in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has specialised in women's health with a focus on hormonal balance. In this article she discusses how to restore hormonal balance, the cause of women's disorders and her book on women's health